Oncora to present innovative research and new product features at ASTRO 2023

September 30, 2023

Oncora is attending the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) meeting in sunny San Diego Sept 30 - Oct 2. Our team will be on site to meet with existing customers and to meet with radiation oncology leaders to demonstrate our newest product features. We are also presenting our latest AI research in collaboration with Northwell Health. Here are a few things we are excited about this year:

Enhancing Interoperability

The Oncora Platform, including our Patient Care and Analytics software is more interoperable than ever thanks to huge investments by our engineering team and close collaboration with our industry partners to deliver better EHR, OIS, and Cancer Registry integrations.

In particular, we are excited to participate in the mCODE and CodeX HL7 FHIR Accelerator. Through this initiative, we are enhancing our ability to automatically collect and report cancer registry data to state registries. Also, we are working with other industry leaders like EviCore and Varian to enhance Prior Authorization workflows to reduce burden on clinical teams and patients.

Developing Pragmatic AI Solutions

Researchers from Oncora and our collaborating institutions have been publishing papers and presentations about AI at ASTRO since 2014 (check out our Research Page), when our founder was still earning his PhD on AI applied to medical images and EHR data. Now, with the rapid adoption and consumerization of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as chatGPT, a number of AI initiatives in oncology are gaining traction. At Oncora, the OG oncology AI company, we value clinical utility above technical novelty, and we are proud to be presenting an example of how our AI models can be used to improve patient safety within a large radiation oncology department. Come join Dr. David Lindsay and Dr. Louis Potters at the Quick Pitch portion of the Patient Safety session at ASTRO on Oct 3, 4 PM PT to learn more!

Advancing Patient Care

As we reflect on all the great memories we’ve made at ASTRO over the last decade, we also think to the future. At Oncora, our vision is a world where every cancer patient is offered a personalized care plan. A care plan that is designed by physicians using the most cutting edge devices, drugs, and software to create a truly tailored regimen designed for maximal success. We also envision a world where data from clinical care is safely, quickly, and ethically incorporated into precision medicine algorithms and research to drive new discoveries at a faster pace. Thanks to all our supporters, research partners, investors, and customers for the support over these past few years.

To learn more about Oncora, grab a time to meet with us while you are in San Diego: Meet with Oncora