Meet with us at ACRO 2023 to learn more about Oncora Patient Care and Oncora Registry

March 9, 2023

Oncora's Dr. David Lindsay will be attending the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Radiation Oncology Summit in Orlando, FL on March 16-18. ACRO is an excellent organization supporting radiation oncologists in their training, clinical practice, accreditation, and research. ACRO offers a much more collegial atmosphere (compared to larger conferences) due to its smaller footprint. This year's agenda is action-packed, including a keynote address by Dr. Stephen Hahn, an accomplished radiation oncologist and former Commissioner of the FDA.

Oncora will have the following products available for demonstration: 

Oncora Patient Care is our flagship product to improve oncologists' lives and patients' care. Oncora Patient Care (or OPC) integrates with Aria and Mosaiq (the most common Oncology Information Systems) and with Epic and Cerner (the most common EHRs), to provide a seamless one-stop experience for physicians and their clinical teams. No more will you enter an On Treatment Visit note in Mosaiq, only to duplicate the effort in Epic. Gone are the days for writing three different simulation notes, one for billing, one for therapy, and one to actually track what you did. Your Treatment Summaries can now be completed with single click. Accreditation becomes a breeze when OPC can help enforce documentation rules like inclusion of a treatment summary AND print you an easy to share summary of your entire documentation history. Billing teams won't email you anymore asking to you to edit documents countless times, because every document will be right the first time. Machine learning based predictive models, trained on data from diverse centers across the US, will help you identify your highest risk patients, enabling interventions such as nurse navigation or referral to supportive care.

Oncora Registry is our product for research and for clinical registries. With Oncora Registry you can create custom forms sequences across custom steps in complicated research or clinical workflows, storing that data in an easy-to-access, compliant format for export to regulatory agencies, state cancer registries, or collaborating research sponsors. To specifically assist with official Cancer Registry workflows, we also offer automated case-finding, automated treatment annotation, and a subscription-based workflow to notify CTRs when a case is ready for abstraction. As core members of the mCODE CodeX accelerator, we are pioneering new ways to satisfy public health requirements, while turning your cancer registry from an obligation into a strategic asset for your cancer center.