Intelligent interface for oncologists

Our intelligent patient timeline and homepage surfaces critical data about your patient by sifting through prior notes, radiology and pathology reports, and diagnostic tests. Save time during consults and provide better informed care.

Automated oncology documentation

We generate custom, billing-compliant clinical documents and send them automatically into your EHR, Oncology Information System, or Utilization Management platform to support Prior Authorization. At MD Anderson, oncologists saw a 67% reduction in physician time spent performing patient documentation. Read the publication here: link

Pragmatic machine learning, in the clinic

We help your center train and deploy predictive models to identify patients at highest risk of adverse events such as hospitalization. With Oncora, your staff can identify and triage patients in highest need of supportive care to improve quality and support value-based care initiatives.

Accreditation and Quality

Our documentation is carefully crafted to meet accreditation requirements (APEx, ACR, and CoC standards). Leverage the Oncora Platform to capture the data elements you need in order to track and improve your quality metrics.

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