Oncora Medical to power Mass General’s Pediatric Proton/Photon Consortium Registry to fight pediatric cancer with data

Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA, Dec 22nd, 2020 — Oncora Medical, an oncology data and software company, has been selected to power the Pediatric Proton/Photon ConsortiumRegistry (PPCR), run out of the Mass General Cancer Center (MGCC), with their ​Oncora Analytics​ software platform. The PPCR is a consented registry for pediatric cancer patients with the goal of enabling more rapid research into the impact of advanced treatments such as proton therapy on children suffering from cancer. The current list of participating cancer centers includes many of the top centers in the US such as MD Anderson, the University ofPennsylvania, Northwestern Chicago Proton Center, Washington University, and the University of Florida. ​Oncora Analytics​, which is in use at other cancer centers and systems across theUS including MD Anderson and Northwell Health, integrates data from disparate oncology datasources and organizes that data to help doctors and researchers search for new cures and enhance patient care.

The project will be led by Dr. Torunn Yock, Director of Pediatric Radiation Oncology at MGCC and Professor of Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. David Lindsay, Oncora’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. The teams have already started implementation and plan to share research updates in Q3 of 2021. Dr. Yock, when asked about the partnership, said

“We look forward to the potential of Oncora’s team and technology to help us accelerate pediatric cancer research across our network of participating cancer centers. Oncora’s ability to process every conceivable type of medical data, combined with their team’s clinical knowledge and deep understanding of oncology makes them unique.”

Pediatric cancer impacts nearly 15,000 children per year and is the second-leading cause of death in children under the age of 14. While improvements in treatment have increased the survival rates of many childhood cancers, symptoms from treatment can persist.

When asked about his company’s role in the project, Dr. Lindsay replied, “Working with registries such as the PPCR is a great opportunity to apply Oncora’s technology at scale to accelerate research for a great cause. Our goal is to fight cancer with data, which certainly includes helping high powered clinical research teams improve outcomes for pediatric cancer patients. We look forward to this collaboration with Dr. Yock and her team at the PPCR.”

About PPCR / Mass General: The Pediatric Proton/Photon Consortium Registry, also known as the PPCR, is a research study that aims to learn from every child and young adult treated with radiation. The PPCR is a collaborative effort among 19 radiation centers. Patients under the age of 22 years old are approached about participation. Together with our nearly 4,000 participants, the goal of our research is to improve cancer treatments and quality of life in childhood cancer survivors. Visithttps://www.pediatricradiationregistry.org/​ to learn more.

About Oncora Medical: Oncora Medical, Inc.​, an oncology software and data company based in Philadelphia, PA, has developed a powerful predictive analytics platform for oncology, capable of analyzing diverse healthcare data and images and applying advanced data curation and machine learning techniques to produce valuable clinical insights. Their ​Oncora Analytics​ software platform has been used to process the data over hundreds of thousands of cancer patients across more than10 sites. For more information on how Oncora is fighting cancer with data, visit ​oncora.ai​ to learn more.


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